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Welcome to DEL-TECH!

“Del-Tech Pc Support” is an independent provider of on-demand tech support and not affiliated with any third party brand unless specified.

Call now to get instant access to tech experts for multiple brands of PCs, software and connected devices, all in one place.

“Del-Tech Pc Support” provides next-generation, personalized remote computer support services for consumers. Live 24/7/365 support coverage extends to technologies that we use every day. Del-Tech Pc Support comprehensive support coverage spans across 72 desktop software applications, servers, hardware devices, printers, peripherals, routers and modems. As computers have become more popular and sophisticated, the job of keeping them running has been taken-over by an ever-increasing group of specialists known collectively as “Support Engineers “. We extend support by highly experienced team passionate about raising the bar on service quality. We signify “Value, Quality and Guaranteed Resolution for our customers’ technical problems”.



Call or chat to our 24/7 certified technician @ 1 888 298 7073 for free diagnostics.


Our certified technician will securely access your computer wherever you are.


The repair process will be done as you observe our certified remote technician fixing your computer.

What happens during a Remote Support Session?


Fixing your computer remotely is easy. If you’re not sure of any step during the initial process, you may contact us through Live Chat, Phone Call or Email. As long as you have an internet connection, we can fix your computer issues and perform our other remote technical support services. Talk with one of our trained DEL-TECH Support technical experts. Download and install our remote support software program. Run the remote program on your desktop. When you run the program, it will allow our technical expert to view and control your computer desktop remotely. DEL-TECH Support technical expert will remotely perform the services required to fix your computer issues. We will be able to do everything remotely that can be done like we were physically sitting in front of your computer.




One Time Repair Package is given to users a safe and secure repair with affordable repair on the computer issues. This package includes a free antivirus for one year. It covers 30 days warranty for the same issue or problem being repaired.





A package of only 3 months is offered to users that want to have an unlimited service for 90 days just to make sure that the repair made is done and needs to avail help desk assistance free including a free Antivirus for 1 year.







(Best Seller Package)
Avail our best seller package for 1 year unlimited compter repair to any computer issue encountered within the year paid. A free help desk services to every users that avails this packages.






(Best Value Package)
This includes 2 year unlimited computer repair and help desk. Also, licensed Antivirus update.







For a unlimited service and priority is given to the users in any computer issues within 3 years.








Users that wants to live a no worry in computer issues having a priority and direct access to a 24/7 computer expert. Help Desk is given free for computer operations and Application software. A licensed Bitdefender Internet Security for 5 years.





$29.99 per Hour

Offered to users that needs assistance in computer operation, internet and applications. Offering an online lesson, we have certified expert that can give tutorial and help you on the questions while operating a Personal Computer.





Remote desktop software allows DEL-TECH Support remote technician control your computer at another location. Remote desktop software is screen sharing software application that takes the client’s screen content and actions and then displays them on the screen of the tech support person. The tech support person can be granted pc remote control in order to proceed with remote computer support.


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Disclaimer: DEL-TECH Support is an independent provider of remote technical support for any third-party products and software. Any information, name of brands, trademarks and logo used are for referral purposes and company disclaims from any endorsement and/or sponsorship unless specified. You can contact the relevant third-party for permitted use and specific warranties with the product use.



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